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Kazz, a cream and white parti poodle

Here at de Medici Poodles, we raise quality miniature poodles as well as standard poodles and moyen sized (small standard) poodle puppies in the Pacific Northwest.

Elegant, intelligent and confident companions, poodles excel at sports such as flyball, agility, obedience,  retrieving and are a great pleasure to have around.

 We believe in raising the healthiest possible poodles  as  cherished  family
pets and companions, and so each of our poodles are tested  for  hips,  eyes and vWB.    Patellas are also  checked  for  our  miniature  poodles  before  they are accepted  into our breeding  program.   A  well  bred  and  well  trained poodle  is  an amazing family pet, and  one  that doesn't leave hair  all over the house!  We hope you enjoy our poodles...

A bit about us and our Poodles

When we first began researching which breed of dog we would like to raise, we knew we wanted a breed that was easy to live with and had no dominance issues as a breed.  Although we like the "gladiator breeds" such as rottweilers, we knew that most pet families are not ready to train and handle such dogs.  And as some of our family have allergies, we knew that a lot of dog hair and dander in the house would not be a good idea...  And as my husband grew up with two miniature poodles and has many memories of playing with their poodles, grooming them and enjoying their company, it seemed the best of all choices!  
Poodles are wonderful comanions, very intelligent and very clean to have in one's home.  Our standard poodles tend to be mild and laid back in nature, which is a good thing, given their size!  We also like the miniature and toy poodles, as often a smaller dog is better suited to living in apartments, condos and smaller city homes.  And grooming a miniature poodle or toy sized poodle is much less work than grooming a standard poodle, many of which are over 60 pounds!
Our moyen poodles are simply smaller standard sized poodles, generally ranging from 17 to 20 inches at the shoulder.  Their demeanor is like that of a standard poodle more so than a miniature, but they are more of a medium size and will usually weigh between 25 and 35 pounds.  
Poodles are loyal dogs and are smart enough that if you are not careful to attend to proper training, your poodle will be bored and looking for amusements of its' own!  All dogs, poodles included, need to be trained in order to be a pleasure to have around.

Poodles are social dogs and want to be with their people.  It is important to take your poodle puppy around town to meet and greet everybody, as that is how they learn to adapt to different situations and people.  Poodles that are not socialized may be timid and stand-offish, so it pays to train them well from the beginning.

All poodles, whether toy poodles, miniature poodles or standard poodles, will require regular grooming such as ear plucking.  Many of the spaniel breeds also require this, and it will keep your poodle's ears from getting infected and uncomfortable.  Your groomer can show you how to pluck the hair out of the ears of your poodle.  It is a simple procedure, but one that your poodle will need done every month to six weeks or so.

All our poodles live in the house with us or in carefully selected foster or guardian homes.  Poodles do not deal well with long term kennelling, as it will make them unsocialized and not balanced mentally.  This is true of almost any breed, and so we choose to either have our poodles in the home with us as cherished family members or place them with families in our local area. Our fostered poodles come back to us for their litters and when they are finished their career as a poodle mother, they go back to the home they have known all their lives.  This allows us to raise exceptional quality poodles and not have a typical kennel situation, for which we are grateful!

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Poodles, poodles, and more poodles!  Raising toy poodles, miniature poodles, moyen poodles and standard poodles in the Pacific Northwest.
Our poodles are raised for temperament and health as well as beauty and make exceptional family pets, therapy dogs and companions.
All our poodle puppies are raised in our home and are socialized with children and the usual household noises.  Our poodle puppies are the cream of the crop!  

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