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de Medici Purebred Poodles

Welcome to the wonderful world of purebred poodles.  Poodles are one of the oldest breed of dogs!  Paintings from hundreds of years ago show that the breed was loved as a companion and an exceptional hunting dog.  Poodles are one of the most intelligent dog breeds and can do many jobs.
You can find poodles used for hunting, poodles as guide dogs, poodles as drug sniffers, poodles used for truffle hunting and poodles working in search and rescue or therapy dog programs.
Our poodles are sensible, sweet natured, smart, social and are wonderful family companions, one of the original non-shed dogs!
Apricot Poodle Puppy Sitting on Grass
lovely red standard poodle sitting on the lawn Graceful and elegant, poodles should be poetry in motion and have a "joie de vivre" that is obvious to all who watch them play!  

When breeding dogs, the kind of poodle produced depends a lot on the vision of the breeder and what they envision the breed to be and what they breed toward.  Yes, they should adhere to the breed standard, but we want more...  

We believe that our poodles should be, first and foremost, a well balanced and friendly dog that will make an exceptional companion. The poodles we produce should be healthy and long lived.  And, our poodles should be beautiful!  
To this end, we do not line breed or inbreed, as studies have shown this can be detrimental to temperament, life span and health.  

Although some of our puppies are purchased by people who intend to show them, the majority of our poodle puppies go to be cherished family members and so it is not enough that the poodles we raise be beautiful, they must also be
mild natured, friendly, easily trained and have exceptional temperament.
eadstrong and high energy poodles are not retained for our breeding program because we believe that many personality or temperament attributes are INHERITED.
cute black puppy carrying a stick
Chocolate brown standard poodle, sitting in garden To help us raise the healthiest poodles possible, all our breeding dogs are health tested before being bred and we prefer to purchase poodles that have come from health tested parents and grandparents as well...  
While genetic problems CAN randomly show up just as downs syndrome randomly occurs in people, most health problems have a genetic component and we want to do all we can to minimize the risk that one of our wonderful poodle puppies would ever develop health problems.  We screen every poodle in our breeding program for hip problems, test for eye abnormalities annually, vWB (dog haemophilia) and also check for patellar abnormalities in our miniature and toy poodles.

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