Our Guarantee for de Medici Poodles
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Our Promise to You:

We guarantee that our poodles are free of life threatening  or life altering degrees of genetic disorders including hip and elbow dysplagia, progressive retinal atrophy, VWB, sebaceous adenitis , and will fully guarantee this for two years.  We also guarantee for a period of one week that the puppy is free of disease and require the purchaser to have the puppy vet checked within 48 hours upon receiving the puppy in order to make this part of our guarantee valid.
Though we do our best to only breed healthy dogs that have tested clear of these problems, occasionally genetic problems can randomly occur, much in the way that downs syndrome in people can radomly occur.  If such a thing  happens, we will either  (at our discression) refund up to the origional purchase price towards  vet costs or replace the dog with another.
Your Promise to Us:
You will provide the dog with a loving and caring home and, to the best of your ability, keep the dog safe.
You agree not to allow the dog to  get overweight or to unduly stress the puppy's developing body with excessive strenuous excercise in the first year of its' life.
We require that you take your puppy to puppy obedience classes by the time your puppy is six  months of age.
We recommend that you discuss an appropriate vaccination schedule with your veterinarian.  If you choose not to vaccinate your puppy, that is your choice and responsibility; however, we will not be held liable or responsible in any way if one of our puppies contracts a communicable disease after leaving our home.
Before this guarantee is used, we require veterinary documentation of the problem and all pertinent reports, x-rays, etc to be send to our vet for consultation.  de Medici Poodles will not pay for any medical treatment unless discussed with us and agreed upon BEFORE treatment is begun.  All diagnoses for hips, elbows, eyes or heart must be by certified institutions: for example, a diagnosis of hip dysplasia from OFA is accepted whereas an opinion offered by a layperson or vet is not.  We may also require a second veterinary opinion from a second vet of our choice (at our cost).  Preliminary hip scores done before the pup is at least 8 months of age will not be considered.  
We retain the right to cancel this guarantee and repossess the dog if the dog is not in good condition or looks to have been mistreated in any way.  We do not intend this statement as an 'out' for ourselves but to protect  ourselves from unscrupulous practices ... we have discussed with  other breeders at various times stories that would make you cry ...  people accidentally dropping puppies  on their head and then calling the breeder back to complain that the puppy is not in  good health and has epilepsy, etc.
This agreement is void if the dog is not on a  diet that is approved  by your  veterinarian.  We require that you feed a premium food and not a lower quality food such as Alpo, Pedigree, etc.  Many health problems in dogs can be contributed to or caused by imbalanced or inadequate nutrition or (unbenownst to many people) a diet too low in protein or from being overfed.  We require that you discuss and follow the recommendations of your vet regarding amounts and brands of food that you are feeding your puppy.  Look at the ingredient list; the first ingredient should be a MEAT 'MEAL' and not a grain!

You agree to contact the Breeder immediately if you can no longer look after the dog at ANY point during the dog's life.  If the rest of the agreement has been followed, the breeder will pay the buyer up to 3/4 of the purchase price if the dog is returned in the first year after the sale.  Thereafter the breeder will pay the buyer up to 1/2 of the purchase price.  Payment will be made after the dog has been rehomed.

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